treading water
tess; 17; procrastinator;

saul goodman is my one and only;

president of the how i met your mother fan club;


We reached for each other, and I thought of how many nights I had lain awake in this room loving him in silence.

Later, Achilles pressed close for a final, drowsy whisper. ‘If you have to go, you know I will go with you.’ We slept.

The Song of Achilles, Madeline Miller (via thesongofachilles)

Hi everybody. You may not know me, but I’m on TV, so you can trust me.

I’ve had this album on repeat since I went to New York, and now I’ve finally got it (+ merch) in my hands. 🙏 #mayerhawthorne #wheredoesthisdoorgo #notarealmayor #tanktopsfordays

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (USA, 2007)

I love Schmidt so much. 

AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY HE’S NOT EVEN THAT ATTRACTIVE TO ME?? AND HE’S A TURD?? AND GIANT PERVERT?? AND COCKY??? but he’s also really adorable and sweet and smart and I like him a lot oh my gosh.

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