treading water
tess; 18; procrastinator;

saul goodman is my one and only;

president of the how i met your mother fan club;


I’m going to be making a (public) art blog (like I will share it will irl people) so now the great hunt for a nice theme begins. 

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capsule hotel, nakagin


capsule hotel, nakagin

Ygritte, stay away. Go south and raid, go hide in one of those roundtowers you liked so well. You’ll find nothing here but death.

If this is some kind of practical joke, it’s not funny, and I know funny. I’m a clownfish.

Si vous veux faire les drogues, va à Colorado
a French teacher. Et en anglais: “If you want to do drugs, go to Colorado” (via overheard-at-school)
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guys… it’s a palm tree.

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